About Sydney Vegan Tours


What is a Vegan Tour?

We eat, drink and socialise at the best vegan businesses in Sydney. Think of it like a walking food tour – that happens to be vegan. 

You get EVERYTHING included for the tour. Food. Drinks. Discounts. Showbags. The LOT!

We host guided walking tours throughout Sydney with up to 5-6 stops at the best Vegan businesses on offer.

Each tour gives you an insight into the local area, the people that created the businesses and the vegan scene in Sydney.

Hosted by local experts and passionate vegans, there is A LOT of food provided so you will finish the tour well-fed, satisfied and inspired to learn about the vegan movement – so come hungry!

You will also get some small history lessons about Sydney and the city itself, as well as lots of info about the rise of the vegan movement here in Sydney!


Why we created Sydney Vegan Tours

The exponential growth of the Sydney Vegan industry inspired us to create a solution to help showcase the best vegan business to locals and visitors. We’re proud that Sydney is one of the fastest growing cities for the Vegan movement around the world with over 80 fully vegan or vegetarian restaurants now open across the City and State.

With so much choice, it can be overwhelming to know where to start – that’s where we come in. We set out to create a relaxed solution that introduces people to some of the most popular vegan businesses with members of the vegan community. Being able to eat, meet and socialise with other vegans in the community was one of the key reasons we create Sydney Vegan Tours.

Who runs Sydney Vegan Tours?

Sarah is the driving force behind Sydney Vegan Tours. Her passion for animal activism and travel drew her to creating a solution to help others and introduce veganism to them in an environment they were comfortable with.

Born and raised in Italy, she now lives in Sydney after traveling around the world for over 20 years. Proudly vegan since 2015, she is the go-to for locals and visitors to find the best hidden gems in Sydney. Especially if you have only recently approached this lifestyle as she sees it as a great opportunity to meet likeminded people and share exciting personal experiences while tasting unbelievably delicious food.

She also runs a vegan travel blog and vlog promoting veganism and sustainability when traveling at: vegantraveldiaries.com

Jess Ivers and Dan Pinne Melbourne Vegan ToursWho created Sydney Vegan Tours

Jess and Dan initially co-founded Melbourne Vegan tours and always had plans to take the concept around the country. They’re now proud to partner with local guide Sarah, who is an expert on the vegan scene in Sydney to bring the concept to life. Having turned Vegan in early 2016, they never thought their love for eating out and trying new food could lead to a new business idea. They also run a popular podcast and blog – The Reluctant Vegan – that documented their journey in going Vegan. Now passionate, fully-fledged plant-based beings, they’re excited to be able to show people just how far the industry has come.