Earn money from recommending Melbourne Vegan Tours

Anyone can be a Melbourne Vegan Tours Ambassador and earn up to 20% on each booking they refer. Best of all – it’s totally FREE!

How does it work?

When you signup to become an ambassador, you receive a unique link that you can promote and use when you send people to book with Melbourne Vegan Tours. That link is the key to receiving your commission, use it and everything else is fully automated right through to receiving funds in your bank account from the booking.

What do I need to signup as an ambassador?

Your name, email and phone number will be put straight into our booking system (we use Rezdy) as an ambassador and you will receive an invitation to complete the rest of your profile. This includes securely placing your banking details with Rezdy, so you automatically receive funds from any bookings made.

How does it know people signed up from my link?

Your link contains a unique code at the end of it. This drops a ‘cookie’ (not the edible kind) on the customer’s web browser when the click. This cookie remains valid for up to 6 months! So even if they don’t decide to buy during that visit, you still get the commission if they decide down the track.

How much do I receive?

We have different levels on commission, based on things like your existing online profiles and presence and your ability to promote to use. We start at 10% of the total ticket price, up to 20% of the total ticket price. So, for instance, if you have a booking of 4 made for our CBD Tour, the total price is $399 – you will receive between $39.90 up to $79.80.

What else does the ambassador program include?

We’re building a passionate group of ambassadors that help spread the vegan word and we want to keep you in the loop plus reward you for the outstanding job you do. This includes exclusive VIP tours in new destinations, the inside word on when we’re about to drop some big news and our promotional calendar so you can tie in any of your own promotions with them.

Where do I signup?

To start, fill out the form below with your details and we’ll be in touch with the next steps and information on how to set up your profile. It’s super easy and we’re here to help or answer any questions

Still got questions?

All good! We’re here to help. Just send an email to dan@sydneyvegantours.com or give him a call on 0414 273 365.